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This Department was formed to strengthen the activities of planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluating  Food Safety and Quality Program conducted at the state, district level, entrance and local authorities. The purpose of this program is to protect the public against the risks in terms of health and fraud in the preparation, sale and consumption of food.
  • To ensure the preparation, sale and storage of all food is clean, safe and in compliance with Food Act 1983, Food Regulations 1985 and Food Hygiene Regulations 2009;
  • To ensure all food sold is:
    Contaminant free and contains no addition of unnecessary food additives;
    in compliance with the required regulations and laws; labeled and advertised adequately, as well as providing real image of the food content.
  • To ensure all imported foods are safe and in compliance with the Food Act 1983 and Food Regulations 1985;
  • To ensure exported food in compliance with legislation required by the importing country as well as with Food Regulations (Issuance of Health Certificate for Export of Fish and Fish Products to the European Union) in 2009 for the export of fish and fish products to the EU market; and
  • To ensure the public receives accurate information on food safety and food hygiene.

Organization Chart

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Food Handlers Training School

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These responsibilities are carried out by government policies, directives from the ministry, the Food Act 1983, the Food Regulations 1985 Food Hygiene Regulations 2009, the Food Regulations (Withdrawal of Health Certificate for Export of Fish and Fish Products Into the European Union) 2009, Regulation Food Irradiation -Peraturan 2011 or according to the needs of society.


Client Service Charter / Customer Service Charter for Food Safety and Quality Program is as follows:






Issuance of Health Certificates By Types of Foods:
Frozen Cooked Shrimp
Heat Processed Meat
Edible Palm Oil, Palm Olein and Palm Stearin Packaged Drinking Water Natural Mineral Water

Certificates take up three (3) working days to issue after a completed application is received (if there is any HACCP from KKM)



Issuance of Health Certificate for Export of Fish and Fishery Products to the European Union (EU)

Certificates take up three (3) working days to issue after a completed application is received with HACCP certificate from KKM)



Issuance of Certificate of Free Sale

Certificate is issued within 1 working day subject to application being complete



Food Safety and Quality Division of Perak State Health Department is made up of Administrative, Surveillance and Research Unit, Industry and Consumer Affairs Unit and Import and Export Control Unit. Among the services offered are:

       i.   Advisory services
                 HACCP, GMP, MeSTI and BeSS Certification
                 Licensing of Water (Natural Mineral Water and Packaged Drinking Water), Ice and Water Vending Machine
                 Requirements for exporting and importing food
                 Health Certificate and Certificate of Free Sales
                 Learning Institute and Food Handlers Training Program

       ii.   Issuance of Food Export Certificate
                    EU Health Certificate (European Union)
                           Applications must be made at Perak State Health Department only
                    Food Health Certificate
                           Applications must be made at the District Health Office only
                    Certificate of Free Sale
                           Applications can be made at the Perak State Health Department and District Health Office

     iii. Handling complaints in regards with hygiene and food safety

     iv.  Registration of food premises (FoSIM Domestic)