Hospital Taiping Bagged Gold Award for WSO Angels

TAIPING- Hospital Taiping has bagged Gold Award in the recent prestigious World Stroke Organisation (WSO) Angels Award 2021 which focuses on improving the quality care for stroke cases through systematic training and consultations.

Being the first hospital without a permanent resident neurologist to receive the esteemed recognition, Hospital Taiping believes it is a motivation for them to work diligently towards a better healthcare institution as a whole.

Head of Medical Department and Clinical Research Centre,Hospital Taiping,  Dr Cheah Wee Kooi said the award serves as a reminder to keep the medical facility up to an ample standard.

“Despite the challenges of managing the surge of Covid-19 cases, we continue to ensure there will be no negligence towards other cases which is not related to Covid-19 and keeping it up to a standard,” he said.

Liaising with Malaysian Stroke Council (MSC), WSO Angels Award was brought to Malaysia in 2017 and since then, hospitals around the country have been submitting their records of stroke cases which includes therapy and procedures to be qualified and evaluated for the Gold, Platinum and Diamonds award.